The Madison FC Academy for U8-U10

The Madison FC Youth Academy currently serves youth soccer players in the U8 to U10 age groups (birth years 2010, 2011, & 2012) by improving each player’s technical skills--dribbling, passing/receiving, shooting, and defending. The curriculum and methodology driving the Madison FC youth academy reflects ​best practices outlined by the U.S. Soccer Federation, centering on the 4v4 and 7v7 player development philosophy. Ball mastery is key, but fundamental physical development of footwork, coordination, and balance as well basic injury prevention methods are also emphasized through the use of fun, age appropriate games. With this foundation, Madison FC academy players flourish in a constructive, competitive environment in which player knowledge and passion is fostered by experienced, licensed coaches who understand that players play because they enjoy the true soccer experience. Our academy players have fun by working hard individually and with a team, meeting challenges and competing with the guidance of qualified coaches, learning from mistakes as well as successes, applying new skills, and improving athletic ability. No tryouts are necessary to join the academy; however, openings are limited. Madison FC is one of a select number of Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association certified youth soccer academies statewide. 



Madison FC youth academy offers quality training facilities outdoor and indoor, year round. Fall and spring trainings are conducted at the Madison FC fields at ​Reindahl Park​ in Madison (our fields at Reindahl are seeded, aerated, mowed and maintained by Madison FC staff). Winter training sessions are held indoors at Princeton Club East​ gym. All youth academy players will participate in a fall and spring league season through the ​Madison Area Youth Soccer Association​, each season comprised of 6-8 competitive matches, as well as a minimum of one local tournament. 
Fall training begins mid August and lasts until November 1. Winter session begins in December and concludes mid March. Spring training begins in April and finishes early June. Fall and spring trainings are twice weekly for 90 minutes. Winter trainings are once per week for 1 hour.